extensive research has found that music is vital for brain development. music combines language, science, mathematics and practical performance, which all serve to increase left and right brain cell connections. music also increases confidence, craftsmanship and self-awareness. as such, music plays a crucial role in the 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 curriculum, and active participation in all musical fields is strongly encouraged.

each year the music department hosts several musical events, including the walter kirby solo and group competition, allowing students an opportunity to showcase their talents and passions. alongside our curriculum music lessons (which are part of ncea), students have the opportunity to engage in an extensive variety of musical genres. 

student performance opportunities
  • years 7 and 8 musical instrument programme - part of their timetabled classes
  • year 9 and 10 music institute - for strings and concert band
  • premier concert band
  • dunstan’s band (junior concert band)
  • 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 chorale "sacramentum"
  • junior choir
  • string orchestra
  • chamber groups
  • big band
  • jazz combo
  • junior big band
  • junior jazz combo
  • school of rock
  • rock bands

please contact the music department for more details on any of these groups.

music lessons

in addition to music classes and co-curricular musical opportunities within the college, the music department provides outstanding instrumental and vocal tuition through the itinerant music programme. all our tutors are leading musicians in their own right and offer a host of expertise and guidance to students who share this passion.

lessons are available for the following instruments:

trumpetalto saxophoneviolindrum kit
french horntenor saxophoneviolapercussion
trombonebaritone saxophonecellosinging
bass clarinetdouble bass

clarinetelectric bass


private lessons

private student lessons are available for piano. please email miss alice kang for piano inquiries.

instrument hire

instruments are available for hire from the following providers:

there are a limited number of instruments which can be hired from the school. these instruments include flute, clarinet, bassoon, trombone, french horn, euphonium, tuba, cello and double bass.  instrument hire is $100 for the year.

please contact the music department for more information about lessons and to access the hire agreement form. instruments will be issued in the first week of lessons.


the cost for music lessons for year 9-13 students is $350 per instrument per year. there is also a one-off, $100 per student administration fee for groups, excluding year 9 and 10 music institute. if you require further information  please email the music department.  

year 7 and 8 musical instrument programme

2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 believes that providing equitable access to a quality music education is essential to developing well rounded young men. in the year 7 and 8 musical instrument programme students will learn an instrument in a small group and learn to participate in a large string ensemble or band. students will have the choice to learn one of the following instruments clarinet, flute, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, violin, cello or double bass.

music institute

the music institute is an advanced music course for year 9 and 10 students who have demonstrated advanced progress through the year 7 and 8 musical instrument programme. this is a timetabled music course consisting of three lessons per week where students participate in a band/string group class and also take an instrument lesson. with guidance from 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 music professionals, students can choose from 16 instruments to learn; violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, bassoon, french horn, oboe, euphonium, percussion or singing.

the instrument lesson helps students to learn their instrument, whereas the band/string group class teaches them to use their playing skills as part of a group. 

this is open to students in years 9 and 10 and entrants must choose this course as one of their subject options. students will gain a place in the class based on their achievement in the year 8 musical instrument programme.

to find out more, view the music institute brochure

walter kirby music competition

walter kirby is our annual 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 music competition. it has been running for 86 years now and is one of the highlights of our music calendar. it is for both solo and group performances and includes 11 different categories covering all year groups. in 2023 the walter kirby competition will be held on thursday 15  june in the theatre. 

  • doors open at 5.30pm, show starts at 6.30pm
  • food and refreshments available from 5.30pm and during interval - cash only
  • performers in formal uniform

walter kirby is a very prestigious competition and as such we invite an external adjudicator each year. the different categories are:

  • year 7-9 group – glynn cup
  • year 7-9 solo – hyndman cup
  •  year 7-9 ‘treble’ vocal solo -randell cup
  •  year 10-11 vocal solo – ferens vocal cup
  •  year 10-11 instrumental solo – fisk cup
  •  year 12-13 vocal solo – ferens cup
  •  year 12-13 instrumental solo – spillane cup
  •  year 9-13 open rock – chunn cup
  •  year 10-13 group – pta trophy
  •  brother theophane christian composition competition
  •  sam dunningham recording award

the rules of the competition are as follows:

  1. you can only enter the section appropriate to your year level.
  2. students can enter the same group category with contrasting music and groups, with the permission of the hod of music. students can enter more than one category. for example, you can enter years 10-11 solo and be a band member in open rock.
  3. a readable lyric sheet for the brother theophane competition must be provided with this entry sheet. failure to do so will make the entry null and void.
  4. please provide a copy of the sheet music you are performing for the adjudicator.
  5. each performer or group is responsible for announcing the music before they perform.
  6. dress is formal school uniform.

sam dunningham award criteria

if you wish to enter this section of the walter kirby music competition, here are some general guidelines for you to think about.

firstly, this award was named in honour of one of our highly accomplished old boys and presented to the school by his mother, miriam dunningham and family.  sam was studying to be an audio engineer when his life was tragically cut short.  his family would like his love of music and recording music to be remembered and honoured with this award.

as sam was a sound engineer, this award is for those students who wish to record. you can use school equipment, your own, a professional studio or website.  you need to provide a cd recording of your work – you may include one or several songs/pieces.

you must enter this award as an individual.

what the judge is looking for is:

  • a quality recording
  • evidence of editing – you could write out in words your process or provide several recordings, showing your editing process
  • a genuine interest in the process of recording music

the life of walter kirby

walter kirby was born in auckland and educated by the marist brothers. he had a superb singing voice and became a professional singer, living and performing mainly throughout australia.

the first walter kirby singing competition was held at sacred heart in 1936. records show that walter kirby left 100 pounds to the college for a singing prize. during the 1960’s instrumental and group prizes were added. now the competition boasts ten sections and is a valued part of our school calendar.

we remember walter kirby for fostering 86 years of musical memories for 世界杯预选赛视频直播 .

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