life at 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程

as one of new zealand’s top catholic boys’ schools, 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 offers a variety of ways to enrich the experience of living abroad. in addition to our challenging and rewarding curriculum, international students are encouraged to participate in a minimum of two co-curricular activities to fully immerse themselves in the traditions of the college.

all students at sacred heart share a unique bond that is strengthened through participation in sports, music, arts and culture. students learn how to interact constructively, encourage others, learn about leadership, create group spirit and resolve conflict.


sport plays an important role in everyday life at sacred heart. we are equipped with some of the best school sporting grounds and facilities in the country, and offer a comprehensive programme to encourage student participation, perseverance and achievement in a wide range of sports.

as part of our curriculum, all students are encouraged to participate in at least one sporting code. boys can choose from a range of sports, including athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, cycling, distance running, football, golf, hockey, mountain biking, multisport, rowing, rugby union, sailing, snow sports, squash, swimming, table tennis, tennis, touch and water polo. to facilitate these sports, we have six rugby fields, three football fields, six cricket fields, six tennis courts, three swimming pools, an indoor cricket net facility and a gymnasium.

for more information on our range of sports available at sacred heart, please visit our sports page


music plays a crucial role in the college curriculum and active participation in all musical fields is strongly encouraged. the music department hosts multiple musical events each year, allowing students to showcase their talents and passions. alongside curriculum music lessons, students have the opportunity to engage in an extensive variety of musical genres including orchestra, concert bands, jazz groups, chorale, rock bands, and  musical productions.  

for more information on music opportunities at sacred heart, please visit our music page.  

arts and culture

sacred heart offers a multifaceted programme rich in arts and culture that celebrates student contribution and achievement. through engaging in the arts, students also learn about leadership, supporting others and creating group spirit. as well as broadening their skills and talents, students learn how to interact constructively with others to work towards a common goal. each year, the college puts together a production as well as many opportunities for our cultural groups to perform.

for more information on arts and culture at sacred heart, please visit our arts and culture page.  

pastoral care

it is both our privilege and responsibility to ensure that all international students are well informed, safe and properly cared for during their time at sacred heart.

to foster this, the international students department offers extensive support for students, ensuring their education and well-being needs are met. international students receive a tailored programme, including english language learning and support where necessary.

2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 is a signatory to, agreeing to observe and be bound by the education (pastoral care of tertiary and international leaners) code of practice 2021 and undertakes pastoral care accordingly. 

support for international students

living abroad can require a settling-in period for some students, particularly if this is their first time away from home. we understand that it can be challenging to study in a new country, away from family and a familiar home environment. to support this transition, sacred heart staff work to ensure all international students feel supported and comfortable in their home away from home.

international students have a support network of people across the school and wider community – including teachers, heads of years, the international department staff, boarding hostel staff, homestay families, local guardians, caregivers and peers.   

each year a group of senior international students are elected by their peers as the international student committee to provide support and organise a range of social activites, some involving students from other schools

staff from our international department meet with students regularly to ensure their needs are being met – and that they’re happy in their homestay or boarding hostel. students also receive:

  • a comprehensive orientation programme to assist in settling into school life – both academically and socially
  • ongoing academic support and guidance to ensure they are achieving their best
  • daily study-centre after school, supervised by subject teachers
  • after-school eap workshops for students wishing to develop their english skills more quickly
  • native language support in mandarin, korean, thai, japanese, french and spanish
  • tutoring from prefects and buddy support
  • term interviews to discuss academic progress and welfare
  • an online parent portal for parents to access essential information on their son’s academic progress and social integration, such as school reports, daily notices, timetable, attendance, ncea summary and awards received
  • free student visa renewal services
  • free assistance with claims on insurance policies purchased through the college

for more information on life as an international student at 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 , please refer to our international student handbook.  

visa requirements

international students are required to hold a valid student visa whilst studying at 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 . the college is also an accredited education provider that can support students to apply for a pathway visa from immigration new zealand and therefore is able to assist our students with ongoing student visa renewals. full details of immigration requirements, advice on rights to employment in new zealand while studying, and reporting requirements are available from immigration new zealand, and can be viewed on their website at

accommodation options
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international student enrolment
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