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winter tournament week and aims games

winter tournament week and aims games

the annual winter sports tournament week and the aims games proved to be an exhilarating and memorable event for all concerned this year. 

both tournaments showcased a wide range of sports offered here at sacred heart, which included hockey, football, rugby, basketball, cross country running, golf, rock climbing, waterpolo, bmx and mountain biking. these diverse disciplines allowed students to not only demonstrate their athletic prowess but also explore their passion for a wide range of sports they may have never tried before.


the level of competition was exceptionally high this year, with several standout performances that left our supporters in awe. 

our basketball teams showed their skills and teamwork, contributing to a successful campaign in the winter tournament week and at aims.  our premiers finished 12th, and the junior prems finished 5th. the aims team finished an incredible 3rd place ( from 86 teams).

ben anderson in bmx had a remarkable showing, earning both gold and silver medals, highlighting his excellence in the sport.

cross country
our year 7/ 8 relay team got a silver medal at aims. a superb effort.

the premier football team finished 9th in christchurch and the year 7/8 team 10th at aims, both teams displayed great teamwork and displayed a competitive spirit throughout the tournaments. our premier team did not concede a goal during normal play, an outstanding effort. 

the golf team finished 10th overall after three rounds at the nationals in timaru.  

the hockey team that competed in auckland competition and secured an impressive 4th place. 

rock climbing
the rock-climbing team secured 7th place, demonstrating their skill and dedication to the sport.

both rugby teams delivered a strong performance, u85kg made it to the semifinals in wellington and the year 7/8 team finished 10th at aims.  

water polo
the year 7/8 waterpolo team had an outstanding performance, finishing 2nd in the aims tournament (by a golden goal in the final) showcasing sacred’s prowess in the pool. **(read further details below on our aims water polo team)

these events provided an excellent platform for young athletes to showcase their talent, sportsmanship, and dedication in a variety of sports, fostering a memorable and enriching experience for all participants.

beyond the scores and medals, the tournament emphasised the importance of sportsmanship and fair play. athletes were quick to extend a hand to fallen competitors, and referees and officials ensured that the rules were upheld, creating an environment where integrity and respect for opponents were paramount.

as the tournaments ended, it was not just about the winners and losers, but the enduring memories created. late-night hot chocolate gatherings, team chants echoing, and the sheer joy of competing and being together were some of the moments that will be cherished by the community for years to come.

in conclusion, the winter sports tournament week and aims games was more than just a competition; it was an opportunity for young athletes to come together, push their limits, and forge lasting friendships. it celebrated not only their athletic talents but also the marist values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and passion for the school that will serve them well beyond the tournament.

 ** water polo

it was with anticipation and excitement that the sharks water polo team arrived in mt maunganui for aims.

the team had only one game on the first day so headed up the mount to check out the views and to watch ben compete in the bmx. our first three games were a little one-sided but our coach used it as an opportunity for the boys to demonstrate sportsmanship and fair play which gained the boys and their coach lot of supporters. 

by wednesday we had made it into the top 16 teams nationally. after some agonisingly close games where the boys prevailed by one goal, we were into the quarter-finals. in an early morning game we played mt maunganui in a strong performance leading to another win for shc. that left us up against our old rivals, murrays bay intermediate that evening. the boys pulled together and delivered a convincing win (5-3) to take shc to the final. friday’s game against st kentigern boys’ school ended with the score 4-4 which pushed the boys into golden goal.

st kent’s got the ball in the net first which left sacred heart with a silver medal - a result we could all celebrate.