boarding at 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程

our mission

at 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 hostel, our mission is to provide a residential catholic, marist and champagnat community that develops our students’ faith, academic potential, leadership, sporting and cultural excellence. 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 hostel delivers a safe and inclusive environment, supported in brotherhood, preparing students for the ever changing world.

boarding is an integral part of 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 . catering for up to 130 boarders, our on-site hostel provides a nurturing environment for them to settle into life away from home.

the foundation of college life is inspired by the sacred heart pillars of diligence, support, simplicity, family spirit, loyalty and pride, presence for others, and in the way of mary. these pillars have a strong presence in our boarding community, where boarders are encouraged to live true to their catholic values.

everyday boarding life is inspired by our marist champagnat values. the 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 hostel routines and support systems teach our boarders how to put those values into practice. this leads to proud hostel traditions - empowering them and inspiring others to live their lives as proud marist men.


2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 hostel comprises of three boarding houses:

  • fr champagnat house caters for years 9 and 10
  • br clement house caters for year 11 and some year 12
  • br leonard house caters for years 12 and 13

boarders in years 9 and 10 share low wall partitioned dormitories with built in furniture. year 11 boarders have high wall and larger partitioned dormitories with free standing furniture. year 12 and all year 13 boarders have individual rooms, also with free standing furniture. boarders have access to the college facilities, including the chapel, sports fields, aquatic centre and gymnasium.

boarders gather for full hostel gatherings, meals and morning prayer in the spacious dining hall, with all meals provided by the hostel catering manager. they all have dedicated and supervised study sessions, monday - thursday evenings. all boarders have access to dental and medical services, with our matron and hostel staff ensuring care or advice is available at any time of the day or night. the laundry service is also onsite.

during the term, families can organise home visits for their sons with the deputy headmaster boarding. boarders are welcome to visit the homes of other boarders or local relatives if prior permission has been received from their parents.

academic performance

there is a strong focus on academic performance throughout the hostel, which is reflected in our yearly ncea results – where 90% of boarders acquired ncea university entrance in 2021. in addition,  we also had two high scholarship achievers.

formal supervised study sessions are scheduled for all boarders. years 9 and 10, boarders are required to study for an hour and a half, and in years 11 to 13, a minimum of two hours each evening is required.

study sessions are supervised by adults, some of whom are teachers and others who may be university students. they are there to assist and support the boarders. by year 11, senior boarding students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own time management of study, preparing them for their future learning ventures in either ncea, at a tertiary institute, a workplace and beyond. 

support systems

the transition to living away from home can require a settling in period, particularly for boys who join us in year 9. to support boarders during this time, each year 9 boy is assigned a year 13 buddy, who offers a big brother figure to make him feel welcomed and more at home. the deputy headmaster boarding, house masters and other hostel staff are always available when additional support is needed.

sports, arts, culture and service

throughout the school year, boarders enjoy the convenience of living on-site at sacred heart, enabling them to take full advantage of the variety of sports, arts, cultural and service activities on offer. boarders are expected to partake in at least two school extra-curricular activities, in both summer and winter terms.


boarding fees are set by the 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 hostel board and are separate from day-school contributions. these are reviewed by the board every august and are subject to change at that time. fees must be paid before the commencement of each boarding term, or one year in advance for international students.

for more information, view our 2024 financial contributions, or contact the deputy headmaster - boarding, mr sean bristow.

boarding enrolment

enrolment for boarders at sacred heart is primarily for students in year 9, with limited spaces available in other year levels. consistent with the special character of the college, preference is given to families with an established connection to the catholic church, and in accordance with the revised guidelines approved by the catholic bishops of new zealand in 2003.

to find out more about daily life as a boarder, visit our life as a boarder page.

for more information on enrolment, please visit our boarding enrolment page

2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 hostel ltd

the 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 hostel exists under a corporate structure. the company has a chief executive officer (ceo) through whom strategy and planning is implemented, operations managed and staff directed.

apart from typical governance imperatives and accountabilities, specific requirements of the role of the 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 hostel board of directors comprise;

  • ensuring its catholic special character and marist values and spirit are developed and maintained in the hostel
  • providing an environment for boarding students which will promote their wellbeing and education in a holistic way
  • managing the successful and effective operation and infrastructure of the 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 hostel
  • providing a positive approach of holistic christian education to reflect the education philosophy of the marist brothers in the spirit of st marcellin champagnat, their founder:
    • “to make jesus christ known and loved”
    • to lead young people to the experience of personal faith and of their vocation as “good christians and virtuous citizens”

2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 hostel ltd board members are appointed by the nz marist brothers’ trust board. they total eight in number, including a boarding parent:

mr kerry coleman (chair)
mr terry carter
mr leo davis
mrs patricia james
br murray kelly
mrs michelle olsen
​mrs anna ashford


the 2022世界杯美洲杯预选赛赛程 hostel ltd board members meet regularly throughout the year. meeting dates for 2023 are as follows:

wednesday 25 january
wednesday 1 march
thursday 6 april
wednesday 17 may
wednesday 28 june
wednesday 9 august
wednesday 20 september
wednesday 18 october
wednesday 29 november

life as a boarder
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boarding enrolment
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